Last Update:2024/07/10


1. About This Site

1.1 What is this website all about?

This website “Online Guide of Information Services for Education in Tohoku University” aims at introducing various information services for the students of Tohoku University, including all undergraduate and graduate students, and at explaining basic instructions of these information services including the user authentication.

  • For further details of those information services, please refer to the help documents provided by them. This website includes hyperlinks to the help documents as best we can.
  • This website exclusively covers those information services which are provided for all students in our university. For the services which are provided for the students of some specific faculties or departments, please contact the office desk of the provider of those services.
  • The services which this website covers are listed in the Contact Address page.

1.2 Important Points

Please keep the following issues in mind when referring to the documents of this website.

  • If the specification of the services is to be updated or changed, the description in this website may not match the actual for a while.
  • The suspension schedule of the services, such as the system maintenance, will be announced through the website of each service. Significant announcement may be announced also in the “information” page of this website.
  • This website’s documents are mainly for students only. Some description does not apply to the staff.

2. Important Notes

2.1 Legal Compliance

You must follow the rules, laws and guidelines of the services whenever you make use of them. Whenever you have access to other countries, it is significant to follow the rules and laws of the countries. Please keep in mind that ignorance of the rules and laws is no excuse. You cannot escape from your legal responsibility even if you are ignorant of the rules and laws.

2.2 Management of User Accounts

Your user account, which means a pair of your ID and password, is significant information with which you prove your identity when you make use of the information services. You must manage your user accounts in an appropriate way. Especially, they should be kept in secret exclusively by you, and you must not tell your accounts to someone else. If someone else commits misconduct with your accounts, not only him/her but also you may be regarded as a responsibile person.

If you totally forget your ID or password, or in case your accounts are leaked to someone else, please update your password to a new one as soon as possible. Especially, in case of the leakage incident, please contact Technical Divison of Center for Information Technology in Education or Information Synergy Organization. (You can find the contact address at this page.)

2.3 Security

Whenever you make use of information services, on-campus or not, you should keep the security issues in mind. You can find several security issues to which you should pay attention at the security announcement page of this website.

2.4 Public Manners

The university’s information services are for public use, they are provided for all students in our university. Please give sufficient consideration to others. Stop risky behavior, such as walking while on the cellphone.

3. Misconducts

Misconducts on the information systems will be disciplined according to the discipline rules as in the following table.


Classification Misconduct Discipline
Criminal Behavior Illegal or inappropriate use of computers and network Withdrawal, Suspension or Admonition
  • Admonition: Warnings aimed at making the student regret their misconducts and preventing him/her from doing misconducts again
  • Suspension: Suspending the student’s study in the university during a designated period
  • Withdrawal: Expelling the student from the university by deprivation of the student’s register in the university