Last Update:2024/07/10

Campus Wi-Fi

Abstract of This Page

Tohoku University provides a wi-fi service for our students. This services is provided by a world-wide roaming service “eduroam” for academic institutes. The eduroam service is available not only in Tohoku University but also in other universities in Japan or other countries. This page provides basic information and instruction of the campus wi-fi service.

Please refer to the setup guide for the instruction of setting your devices.

1. Overview

1.1 Users

The campus wi-fi service is provided for all students of our university, including undergraduate and graduate students. No user registration is required in order to start the wi-fi service, but you have to configure your Sub-ID in the university’s authentication system in advance. You can find an explanation of the Sub-ID in the authentication system’s page (on-campus access only).

1.2 Where to Use

  • You can access the Internet through the campus wi-fi service everywhere in the university campus nearby an access point. Access points are deployed in each campus of the university, for example lecture rooms, office buildings, libraries, halls and so on.
  • This wi-fi service is not restricted only in on-campus area but it can be used also in off-campus area if there are access points of the eduroam service nearby.

2. Basic Information and How to Use

2.1 Configuration of Sub-ID

In order to use this wi-fi service, you have to configure your Sub-ID and the corresponding password in the university’s authentication system in advance. You can find a description of the Sub-ID in the authentication system’s page.

It may take about a day (at worst) for your configuration of the Sub-ID to be activated for the campus wi-fi service.

2.2 ID and Password

The user ID and password for the wi-fi service are as follows.


User ID Password
[SubID] Sub-ID Password

For example, if you have configured your Sub-ID as “JohnSmith”, your ID for the wi-fi service is

2.3 Configuration of Devices

In order to configure your devices with which you are going to make use of the wi-fi service, please apply the following information.


Items Contents
SSID eduroam
Authentication eduroam (IEEE802.1X PEAP/MSCHAPv2)
Security WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption AES

You can find instruction guides for configuring your devices in the setup guide.

2.4 Connection and Disconnection

Here is an outline of operation for connecting to the wi-fi service. If you need specific operation instruction, please refer to the setup guide.

  • Go to some place nearby an eduroam access point.
  • Wait for a while until the “eduroam” is detected. If detected, tap it to connect.
  • Do the user authentication with the ID and password described in Section 2.2.
  • If the authentication succeeds, your device is connected to the Internet through the eduroam. Tap “disconnect” button to disconnect.

Virtually almost all devices memorize the network settings and ID/Password necessary for the eduroam connection once a connection is successfully established, and from next time the devices will automatically establish connection whenever an eduroam access point is detected.

2.5 Certificates

You may find a dialog or window like the picture below popping up when you are going to connect to the eduroam access point.

This is a verification procedure of the server’s certificates with which the eduroam’s server proves its identity to you. This is a significant process because you can be convinced the validity of the eduroam’s server to which you intend to connect through this process.

Click the buttons such as “verify”, “show certificates” and so on to verify the validity of the certificates.

3. Contact

For questions and problems on the campus wi-fi service and configuration of devices, please contact the following addresses.