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Secure Reverse Proxy (SRP)

1. Overview of SRP

The SRP is one of the user authentication systems of Tohoku University. This system is used in the following two situations.

1.1 SRP Authentication (for off-campus accesses)

The "off-campus" access means any access to the university information services from the off-campus network areas: for example, access from your home PC. The SRP authentication procedure of off-campus accesses is briefly summarized as in the picture below.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Several services support the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. For such services, the additional authentication after the SRP authentication will not be required.

1.2 SRP Authentication (for on-campus accesses)

On-campus access does not require the SRP authentication, except for the case where you are going to login to the Student Portal Site. The on-campus access to the Student Portal Site is briefly summarized as in the picture below.

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2. Secret Key for the Image-Matrix Authentication

2.1 Your Initial Key

In order to get your initial secret key for the Image-Matrix Authentication, read the description in the bottom area of the authentication windows.

2.2 Key Changing Procedure

You can change your SRP Image-Matrix secret key by the following steps. Don't keep the initial password.

Your SRP Image-Matrix secret key configured here must be strictly kept in secret. Do not tell your secret key to anyone else.

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3. Image-Matrix Authentication

3.1 Overview of the Image-Matrix Authentication

The Image-Matrix authentication will be required when you are going to access to the information services of Tohoku University from off-campus networks. After the normal SRP authentication with your Tohokudai-ID and Tohokudai-ID password, you will be redirected to the Image-Matrix authentication page, as depicted in the screenshot below. (Note that the Image-Matrix authentication is not required for on-campus accesses, and in this case you are directly led to the Student Portal Site.)

3.2 Instruction

The Image-Matrix authentication proceeds as follows. For example, suppose that your SRP Image-Matrix secret key is (fishbowl, postbox, camera).

3.3 Remarks

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